A tribute to Junior Millan

This is in honor of Cesar Millan's best friend, Junior Millan.

Junior was a hero to many dogs and humans by showing how much love and purpose he had as a dog. Or I guess you could say, man's best friend. And that he truly was a man's best friend.

Cesar Millan confirmed the heartbreaking news in a video on Youtube, saying, “This is a video honoring my best friend, Junior Millan. Thank you for 15 years of Trust, Respect, and Love. We love you and miss you so much already. Rest in Peace, Junior Millan.”

Junior was a gray and white lovely pitbull, always by Cesar Millan’s side. The dog birthday was in August, on the same day as Cesar’s; however, as many of Millan’s fans know, the dog was not the first pit bull to hold the status of “right-hand dog,” having taken on that mantle when Cesar’s former pit bull, Daddy, died on February 19, 2010.

Rest in peace Junior.

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